Fast Fondue: Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Argh! Chocolate, I need you! Please save me!

Sorry about that. What can I say, it’s definitely Monday. Okay, I’m calm now. I knew you’d understand.

So, when I want my chocolate fix and I want it NOW, I pop some dark chocolate (chips, chunks, squares, whatever I have on hand) in the microwave and cut up some fruit for dipping. In less than five minutes, I have a wonderfully decadent bit of chocolate heaven.  Not a bad trick when you need a last minute dessert, too. Now, using this method, the chocolate comes out a little thicker than when using a double boiler, but for a casual setting this is absolutely fine in my book.  Pair with a glass of your favorite, fruit forward red. I had it with Tormaresca “Neprica” .

Chocolate Dipped Fruit


  • 2 cups of your favorite fruit (I had strawberries and bananas on hand, but my absolute favorite is pineapple!)
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips or chunks
  • 1 tbsp half and half, heavy cream, or milk
  • Optional: 1 tbsp cream liqueur, like irish cream


  1. Prepare fruit to your liking. Set aside.
  2. Place chocolate into a small, microwave safe bowl.
  3. Heat chocolate in the microwave for one minute at 50% power.
  4. Pour milk, cream, or half and half  into warmed chocolate. If you are using the optional cream liqueur, add it here, too.
  5. Place the chocolate in the microwave again and heat for 30 seconds at 50% power. Keep an eye on the chocolate, especially if you used milk because it will boil over.
  6. Stir contents of bowl together until chips melt completely and the chocolate becomes smooth and shiny. Use more milk, cream, or half and half to thin the melted chocolate if you find your mixture to thick.
  7. Dip fruit in the chocolate and melt away happily.

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