Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! By now, everyone more than likely has an idea of what they are having for dinner tomorrow and where dinner is taking place. Actually, you’ve probably known for a few days. (I just figured out both, oh…about three hours ago, lol!) Since everyone already knows what they are having, this post is not a recipe. Instead it’s based on a conversation Emilie and I had recently. No worries, it’s still about food of course!

Emilie making gravy with friends in Ann Arbor, MI

We were talking about the food we grew up on, which then turned to what our families made for holiday dinners. Turns out we both were raised on carbs, carbs, oh and carbs! I guess we can’t help that potatoes, pasta, and bread are delicious in all forms. They’re typically pretty easy, too, many versions being available ready off the shelf at your local grocery. With super busy parents, is it any wonder then that our childhood tables were graced with heat and serve rolls, mashed potatoes out of a box, and canned corn?

Now, none of this a problem at all. I often get nostalgic when I see a box of Betty Crocker’s Scalloped Potatoes. However, I do consider myself lucky that as my generation has grown to adult hood, we have grown up in a culture where chefs are rock stars (got that from Bones!) and where people desire locally grown or raised food, and as few chemicals as possible. People now want to know and understand where the food on their plate came from and what is in it.

Ruth carving a Turkey

These days, Emilie and I are more involved with our family holiday dinners.  With my family, I get to choose the menu and create the shopping list (Meaning, I’m the one that has to worry about everything lol). The evening before, my sister gets started on the desserts (I can’t believe this is going to be my first Thanksgiving without her! Boo hoo!). In the morning, I get the turkey started. I remember standing perplexed at that giant bird sitting in the kitchen the first time I made one. I also remember my dad laughed at the look on my face when I found out I had to stick my hand in the darn thing to pull out the neck and gizzards.

These days, sitting alongside that roasted turkey, we now have asparagus soup, green bean casserole made with fresh beans and baby portabella mushrooms topped with fried shallots, orange and bourbon cranberry sauce made from fresh fruit, and cauliflower au gratin. Who’s telling who to eat their veggies now, huh?

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!



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