Humpday Happy Hour – Red Sangria

As many of you may remember, in mid-July, Ruth and I attended the Virginia Food and Wine Festival near Richmond, Va. While there, we tasted a great sangria made by the DeVault Family Vineyards with their dry Norton red wine. Of course, we wouldn’t leave without a copy of the recipe and a bottle of their wine.

This easy sangria recipe is really great with a dry red, like the DeVault Family Vineyards Norton, as it offsets the sweetness of the fruit and juices. Make this Friday night and let it sit in your fridge until your New Year’s Eve guests arrive. Its an easy sophisticated drink that people can help themselves to while waiting for a champagne toast at midnight.

Red sangria
Slightly adapted from the DeVault Family recipe

1 bottle Norton dry red wine (another very dry red wine table wine would work for those of you without access to the DeVault Family Vineyards)
1 can concentrated lemonade
1 can concentrated Welch’s white grape juice with raspberry
2 naval oranges
1 cup fresh cherries
1 lemon
Cold lemon-lime soda, such as Sprite or 7-Up

Pour the bottle of wine into a pitcher and add both cans of concentrated juice. Slice oranges and lemons, slice cherries in half and remove pits, and add fruit to wine-juice mixture. Stir well, and place in fridge overnight. The next day, remove lemon and orange slices and squeeze all of the juice from the slices back into the sangria. Pour into a large wine goblet ( I usually try to make sure a few cherry halves are in each glass) or red wine glass and top with a splash of soda, just enough to add a bit of fizz to the glass.

Because the recipe calls for two cans of concentrated juice and a lemon-lime soda, it is pretty sweet, maybe even a touch too sweet. I think I’m going to try to make it with fresh squeezed lemon juice instead of lemon concentrate next time, to cut out some of the sweetness. Also, even using the grape-raspberry juice mix, the sangria can be a bit to jammy for some. Feel free to experiment with apple, orange, or another juice altogether. Finally, feel free to sub different fruits for the ones listed, such as pineapple, grapes, or apples.

5 responses to “Humpday Happy Hour – Red Sangria

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  2. I tried this recipe without the lemon/lime soda. I agree it was a bit sweet. but still SOOOO yummy! I used orange, lime and cherries for my fruit. what a great recipe. I think the lemon juice would be the way to go to cut the sweetness too. cant wait to try it again! thanks

    PS. love your blog!

  3. Sounds amazing!!! I can’t wait to try it! I’ll let you know how it goes. =D

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