Nutella Sandwich Cookies

Happy almost International Nutella Day!  If I had my way, every day would be international Nutella day, not just February 5th. The perfect combination of creamy hazelnut butter and rich chocolate goes perfectly on everything from your whole wheat toast, to an afternoon pretzel snack. Even your morning cup of coffee!  This year, to celebrate, I decided to try making my own chocolate-hazelnut butter and use it to make sweet little sandwich cookies.

To make the homemade Nutella, I used this recipe found on David Lebovitz site with just a few adjustments:

  • His recipe calls for 1/3 cup of almonds, which I chose to substitute with more hazelnuts.
  • The recipe calls for part milk chocolate and part dark chocolate, but I wanted to create a “dark chocolate” version of the traditional hazelnut spread, so I used all dark chocolate, but also only used 9.7 ounces of chocolate instead of 11 ounces.

  • Because I used all unsweetened dark chocolate, I had to add a bit more sugar than his recipe called for. In the end I added the 3 tablespoons of honey and an additional 5 tablespoons of sugar.
  • I don’t own a food processor, so I took a chance and used my mini 2-speed food chopper. And it WORKED! True, it took patience and standing there holding the button on the chopper down for nearly 20 minutes, but I did get a creamy nut butter. I was also able to blend the chocolate and hazelnut butter together in the mini-chopper, but had to transfer the mixture to a mixer to add the milk.

I was really pleased with the final result. It not quite as smooth store bought Nutella, but I loved the dark chocolate flavor.  I was delicious on toasted banana bread, but I had to let it sit and melt a little because it was so thick. I fixed this problem by adding about a quarter cup of milk to the spread when I made the sandwich cookies.

For the cookie, I wanted something simple so it wouldn’t compete too much with my delicious homemade spread, so I chose the shortbread cookie recipe I have shared in the past, substituting the herbs for a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

1)      Make short bread cookie dough using this recipe, substituting the herbs with a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

2)      After dough has chilled for 20 minutes, roll it out to about 1/8 an inch thickness.  Here I used fondant cutters, which often come in nested sets, to cut the dough. The cookies are made with the largest size cutter, while the center holes were made with the smallest.  Remember, if you are making different tops and bottoms you’ll need to do them in pairs, if you have too many tops or bottoms, you won’t be able to make all of your cookies.




3)      Bake cookies for about 9 minutes, because they are thinner than the original recipe, they will not need as much time in the oven.

4)      Fit a large decorating tip, the size you would use for frosting cupcakes, to a disposable decorating bag and fill with Nutella (store bought or homemade).

5)      Pipe Nutella on to the “wrong” side of your bottom cookie and carefully top with a second cookie.

6)      Try not to eat them all at once.

12 responses to “Nutella Sandwich Cookies

  1. Great job 🙂 Your cookies look amazing and I love sandwich cookies. Can you believe I’ve never had Nutella?! I must be one of a few.

    • Oh heavens! Never had Nutella? Add it to your grocery list immediately! The recipe I made is good, but you really must start with the original sinfully good stuff. I really like it on whole wheat banana bread as a nighttime snack/dessert… I’m salivating just thinking about it. Hurry Cheryl, you can’t go on living like this!

  2. How did I miss these!! I have a bake sale this weekend and these would be the perfect cookie to make and package up:)

  3. OMG! I want to eat one right away!! Would love to try this one!

    • Best thing about this recipe – it adjusts based on your time commitment. The homemade nutella was great, but who ever turns down the store bought one? So it serves perfectly in a pinch. Enjoy!

  4. Love dark chocolate so I’d much prefer your version! They look adorable too, one of them would look right at home beside my coffee cup at the minute 😉

    • I also like that, with the homemade nutella, it was a bit thicker, so it really did make a perfect filling and resisted squishing out the sides of the cookie. Which also means they’d stand up pretty well to being dunked in a cup of morning coffee 🙂

  5. handmadebyvictoria

    OMG! this looks awesome! I am definitely going to try this one!!!!

  6. I love your totally homemade nutella cookie and with a mini processor no less.

    • It just goes to show that while we all want the fanciest item on the shelf, we don’t always need it. And when kitchen space is at a premium, I’ll take the mini-version whenever possible 🙂 Now that I know it works, I think I’m going to be trying homemade almond butter next….

  7. Reblogged this on hostgallery and commented:
    it all looks so yummy!!!
    being a foodie is really good!

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