Smooshed Potatoes

Have you ever spent serious time contemplating what you are going to make for dinner – imagining the perfect blend of seasonings for your tilapia or planning out exactly how long you will let a steak marinate before putting it on the grill –  only to realize you completely forgot to plan a side dish? The answer is a quick, easy, and customizable side, like smooshed potatoes. Yes, smooshed. You have probably heard of these potatoes before as smashed potatoes, but honestly, I think “smooshing” is a far better verb to describe the technique used to make these the smashing. Smashing is way more violent than smooshing and evokes images of lumpy mashed potatoes for me. So Smooshed Potatoes it is.

Smashed potatoes topped with parmesan and served with peppercorn seared tuna

They are less work intensive than mashed potatoes and take less time than a properly baked potato. Plus they go with everything! Top them with salsa if your dish has a Tex-Mex flare or with parsley and parmesan if you are making chicken cacciatore and don’t want pasta.  Go ahead, make some tonight, you know you want to.

Smooshed Potatoes

About 12 ounces of potatoes per person (two medium-small potatoes or 4 small potatoes)
Salt and pepper
Olive or vegetable oil

1)      Clean potatoes and boil whole in salt water until easily pierced with a fork.

Smashed Potatoes - boil the potatoes whole

2)      Remove from water and dry carefully with a clean kitchen towel. Smoosh the potatoes flat, being careful to keep them as intact as possible.

Whole boiled potatoes, smashed for the fry pan

3)      Salt and pepper both sides of the potato. If the mood strikes, add additional seasonings to compliment your meal such as powdered garlic and onion, minced basil, or paprika.

4)      Heat oil in a fry pan over medium heat until it shimmers. Using a spatula, carefully slide the  potatoes into the pan, seasoned side down. Let brown for about 3-4 minutes, so a nice crispy crust is formed.

Use a spatula to carefully slide smashed potatoes into the hot pan

5)      Flip the potato over and brown the second side.

6)      Serve as is, or top with condiments.

Peppercorn seared tuna with smooshed potatoes.

Bratwurst with smooshed potatoes, topped with roasted garlic spread.


3 responses to “Smooshed Potatoes

  1. Wow, this is awesome and would be crazy delicious!! I’m so glad to see these!! I’m definitely making them for my family! What a great switch-up!!

  2. I can never have too many ways to fix potatoes. There is something about preparing them this way that makes them extra good.

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