Black Velvet – Guinness with Training Wheels!

It’s almost that time again. Time for that annual Irish invasion complete with seas of green anything. You know, like shamrocks and leprechaun hats. Oh, and don’t forget the plates of corned beef and cabbage, and pints and pints…okay kegs and kegs… of that world-famous Irish stout: Guinness! Oh, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about St. Patrick’s day 🙂

Anyone got a spoon to go with that beer, because that’s how thick Guinness seems sometimes. I’ll admit, it’s not my first choice when I manage to get the barkeep’s attention (I’m easy, Bushmils on the rocks please. The crazy red-head will take Jameson’s neat. lol!), but hey, I don’t mind toasting that blessed saint the right way. However, if you need training wheels, have I got the drink for you. A Black Velvet. It’s origins may or may not kill your potential buzz, but I assure you it is quite delicious. A Black Velvet is half Guinness and half champagne (or any dry sparkling wine). Sounds weird, I know, but trust me on this one. Guinness on its own has a  strong, bitter flavor. Kind of reminds me of burnt toast.  The acidity and effervescence of the sparkling wine cut through that and mellow out the bitterness and brings out nice mocha flavors. Think of the wine being aged in oak barrels that have been charred first. Oookay, yeah that doesn’t sound as appetizing as it is. Guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself.  Sláinte!

My first glass of Guinness, circa 2007.

Black Velvet

  • One part Guinness stout beer
  • One part dry sparkling wine
  1. Fill a champagne flute half way with Guinness
  2. Slowly add the sparkling wine (Tip: let it run down the inside of the glass to help keep the fizz down).


4 responses to “Black Velvet – Guinness with Training Wheels!

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  3. I had my first Guinness yesterday (research for my blog, it’s important to do research) and I loved it! This drink would be cool to try!

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