A Post-Happy Hour Thought

Did you think I had forgotten about you? I hope not, because I didn’t. I have just been a little distracted.

This week is my second week at the new job. It is a whooooooole new world where I am now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I work with a lot of very  nice people, but I have gone from a place where the work I did was linked to the work everyone around me did in some form or fashion to one where  that is not the case. Each person has their own little package of work that is independent from the others on the same team.

I can’t even begin to convey to you how lonely I felt last week, especially after I realized that I was kind of on my own now. So when I got the text message Tuesday saying, “Meet us at Buffalo Wild Wings. You know you wanna!” I couldn’t get off base fast enough. We didn’t leave until after 10, but it felt like we’d only been there a couple of hours instead of six. As I drove home I realized, “Crap! I haven’t written tomorrow’s post yet! Gotta write it after work tomorrow.”  Yeah, then I got another text message after work today…really, it was only supposed to be one drink! (Darn you, Adam!)

These two happy hours today and yesterday got me thinking of why I enjoyed myself so much. It wasn’t the beer that made me happy (though beer is enjoyable), it was being with my friends and having that social interaction along with the drinks.  Food and drink are at their best when shared with friends and family. In a way, that is what Cork and Spoon and so many other blogs are about,  interacting with others and sharing experiences. I may not be literally sitting with you at your dinner table or chopping vegetables in your kitchen, but I’ve been there, just as you have been there with Emilie and me in our kitchens or at our tables. It is a different form or social interaction, but interaction nonetheless and it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too!



3 responses to “A Post-Happy Hour Thought

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  2. Thank-you, Smidge! I feel like I’ve been neglecting everyone. Soon I’ll get a handle of this new schedule 🙂

  3. I’m glad you are starting to enjoy your new job.. we are always here waiting until you get back:)

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