Hump Day Happy Hour: Raspberry Passion

A hot summer day in Virginia is no fun at all. Granted, I have been in hotter places: the Arizona desert, the Philippines at the height of summer, Charleston in August…but hot just bites period! When the temperature is too high to beat, it’s time to find yourself  some AC…and a hydrating beverage to quench the thirst. A dash of spirit is a nice touch, too. Enter this inspired cocktail from the Capital Ale House, a Richmond, VA based venture whose mission is to spread “Good beer, good food, and good conversation” across Virginia.

I had been wandering around historic downtown Fredericksburg one afternoon and was quite parched. This was before I had acquired a taste for beer and the ciders on hand that day were too heavy, so while my companion giddily poured over the extensive Capital Ale House’s beer menu (The Fredericksburg menu is bout 15 pages!), I leafed to the back and found a list of cocktails. At first I was drawn to the bellini, but then I saw this cocktail called a “Lambosa”, a house cocktail made with Lambic beer.  It came highly recommended by the bartender…and I got to chose a flavor since Lambic comes in at least five flavors (that I’m aware of). Oh, it was perfection and really hit the spot in the quest to cool down. Fizzy and fruity and chilled to perfection.

Now, the Lambosa is made with sparkling wine and Lambic. As much as I would love to have sparkling wine everyday, it’s not very practical, so when I’m looking for a refreshingly fruity and not overly boozy cocktail, I mix the Lambic with fruit juices instead. This is one of my favorite combinations, Framboise Lambic (aka Raspberry) and passion fruit juice, or what I like to call my Raspberry Passion Cocktail.  Of course, if you have sparkling wine on hand, feel free to add it in. Bubbles never hurt anyone.

Raspberry Passion

  • 1 part Framboise Lambic
  • 2 parts Passion Fruit Juice
  1. Make sure all ingredients are nicely chilled. If you like, give the juice a shake in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, but not the Lambic since it is carbonated.
  2. Fill 1/3 of a glass with the Lambic and fill the remaining 2/3 with the passion fruit juice. If you prefer a tarter drink, half and half is just fine.

Optional: Top of with sparkling wine or a dash of lime juice.



2 responses to “Hump Day Happy Hour: Raspberry Passion

  1. I’m sure both versions are lovely…but I don’t think I can resist adding a little sparkling wine.

    • Oh, I definitely highly recommend the sparkling wine! Bubbles just make everything fun in general, plus it brings out all the fruit flavors of the lambic. 🙂 ~Ruth

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