Hump Day Happy Hour: Champagne-Sorbet Dessert

Ah dinner is done and that homemade gnocchi in cream sauce was amazing. It was rich treat, if a little heavy. So how do I  end a meal like this? Not with cheesecake or a dark chocolate cake, its just too much. You’ll have to roll yourself out the door like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

No a rich meal like this calls for something lighter, but still decadent. A simple clean way to end the meal and cleanse the palate. In times like this, champagne and quality sorbet combine to make a quick easy dessert that satisfies all of your needs. I prefer this with Häagen-Dazs raspberry or lemon sorbet (although I plan to try homemade sorbet this summer) and a dry champagne, to balance the sweetness of the sorbet. Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs, like mint or tarragon, on top and your dessert is ready. This is a really love end to a dinner party or paired with an end of meal cheese plate. And no worries if the conversation is so good that the sorbet melts before everyone finishes, swirl it together with your spoon and continue sipping. Its delicious!

Champagne-Sorbet Dessert

1/2 bottle Dry to Extra Dry Champagne
1 Pints Sorbet, any flavor
complimentary herbs

1)  Finely dice the herbs and set aside.

2) Add 2 scoops of sorbet to a serving dish. I like champagne coupes or a footed dessert dish.

3) Pour about 3-4 ounces of champagne into the glass and serve.

5 responses to “Hump Day Happy Hour: Champagne-Sorbet Dessert

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  4. The pink raspberry sorbet for a bridal shower would be perfect. With chopped mint…

  5. I love this! This is something you can whip out and surprise everyone and it looks so gourmet! And.. you can get a little tipsy while celebrating. The presentation is pretty for a bridal shower as well!

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