Humpday Happy Hour: Strawberry Bourbon Milkshake

It is the height of strawberry season in Virginia. The little strawberry bed we have in my mom’s backyard is producing nearly a pound of strawberries every other day, and I have a feeling it won’t stop until sometime next week.

“What are you complaining about!?” you mutter frustratedly at me through your computer screen.

I am not complaining, I swear, but we are certainly nearing the too much of a good thing point. I have nomed delicious strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dessert for a week. My mom has filled her freezer to the top with tupperware containers of freezer-jam and there is no more room. So, last night, as I picked yet another couple of pints of the juicy red berries, I wondered how I might use up those berries that were already just past the point of rip. Then it hit me – puree them for a milkshake! Then add bourbon. Then sit on the patio and drink it! Sometimes I am too brilliant for my own good.

Strawberry Bourbon Milkshake

makes 2
1 cup halved/quartered strawberries
2-3 ounces bourbon
3.5 cups vanilla ice cream

Place strawberries and bourbon in the blender and puree. Add ice cream and blend together. Add more ice cream or bourbon to achieve desired thickness.

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