Good evening, f…

Good evening, friends! I am going to have to beg your patience over the next few weeks. As you may recall, I’m away at school for the whole of June. I knew this was going to be a tough class, but whoa did I have no clue on how intense it was going to be. 

I purposely did not bring junk food with me on this trip (emotional eater) but today after class I went to the grocery store precisely to buy a chocolate cake. As I type this, I am stuffing my face with a microwaved molten lava cake guzzling cheap but enjoyable pinot noir from a plastic glass smaller than a baby’s sippy cup (Don’t ask, I am having kitchenette issues. To give you an idea, the pot they gave me is about the same size as this cup!). Oh, did I need this cake! 

Since I survived today, I won’t bore you with the details on what the past few days were like (Little sleep and weekend school work is definitely a necessity to keep up with the course material.) Needless to say I don’t have a recipe for you today and I hope you forgive me. I unfortunately see this being a common occurrence until I return home. 

Now, there are glimmers of hope and  I am desperately going to try to keep a hold on them, but for now I must leave you to study contract types and financing…and drink more wine!



6 responses to “Good evening, f…

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  4. Yes…if I were in your shoes, I’d be eating molten chocolate cake with pinot noir. Don’t worry about the recipes. Little posts like this keeps us happy. We want you to do well in your studies after all. Good luck.

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