Almost, but not quite!

“We’re not working this weekend, right?” Feeling several eyes on me, I looked up to see my team mates giving me that look. “Yeah, we’re talking to you!” Then, before the second exam was handed out, the instructors kicked the class of with telling us to make sure we made an effort to enjoy the expected beautiful weekend weather. “You’ve had an intense two weeks, enjoy yourselves a little!” Okay, okay already! I get it. Two weeks down, two more to go…let’s not burn out here. Actually, I was thinking, “Give me the test already before I freak out and forget everything!”

That’s how my planned post today was going to begin…

Reviewing my notes on my Running Hare Winery tasting as I enjoy a glass of their Chardonnay with the sunshine.

I really thought I would be able to get one out to you today! I wanted to tell you about at least one of the two wineries I visited this past Saturday in an effort to decompress before tackling the last half of this class. Half of the post is complete, as I typed away at it in between course readings on Sunday. Then Monday happened. Can you believe we’ve already built and presented two briefings and will be tackling a third today and begin our fourth tomorrow? Somehow we’re supposed to fit studying for Friday’s exam in somewhere…

Good news, though, we’re over the halfway mark!

Ok, back to software integration issues and technology readiness!

Miss all of you!


11 responses to “Almost, but not quite!

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  2. looks like there’s a gold fish in your glass. LOL

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  4. You have reached the halfway point…yah!

  5. Almost done kiddo, tell youre classmates I said hi…

    • Messages delivered 🙂 It feels like I’m still on MRAP when we’re all in the same classroom for the brief outs.

  6. Miss you as well! But just look what you’ve accomplished!! I’m so proud of you *beam*.. and just think.. you’re almost there!! xo Smidge

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