Hump Day Happy Hour (Runner’s Edition) – Chocolate Banana Frosty

Several weeks ago I signed up for my first race  with several of my friends – the Run For Your Lives 5k, complete with obstacles and zombies. Now, I am not really a runner at all. It was only this summer, with the purchase of the RunKeeper App, that I began running on a pretty regular basis. I started with a simple circuit training routine – running for a minute and walking for a minute and a half, steadily increasing my running time over the past few months. And I was doing really well until recently, when the combination of insane daily highs over 100°F, a bachelorette party weekend at Dewey Beach, and my 3 hour daily commute colluded to prevent me from lacing up my running sneakers even once in the past 2 weeks. At this rate I will be “eaten” by zombies within the first 10 minutes of the race.

A popular image making the rounds on the web, I think it’s pretty accurate in my case.

But, never fear, I will break the dry spell tonight! With a perfectly forecasted high of 88°F with partly cloudy skies, there will be nothing to hold me back. I need this to stretch my bored muscles, clear my mind, and – well – train for a race that I am already committed to running.

To reward myself for finally putting my running shoes back on, and to give myself a post-work out boost, I will be making my newest snack obsession, inspired by the comment section of a Kitchn post– a frozen banana chocolate milkshake. Bananas are known as a great post-workout snack because of their high level of potassium and their healthy carbohydrates. The addition of skim or 2% milk as a protein source replenishes tired muscles. Even the cocoa has some health benefits, although those aren’t directly related to working out. Blended together you have a sweet chocolaty treat that will keep you in tip-top shape.

Chocolate Banana Milkshake
1 serving

2 medium bananas, cut into chunks and frozen
¾ – 1 cup skim milk
3 teaspoons dark cocoa powder
2 teaspoon honey or agave nectar

1)      Place banana chunks, about ¾ a cup milk, cocoa powder, and sweetener in blender and process until smooth.

2)     Add milk a little at a time until desired consistency is achieved.

3)     Pour into a glass, add straw, and enjoy. If you are really forward looking, you might make this before your run, and put it in the freezer to thicken a bit during your workout and so you can enjoy it immediately after you return.


5 responses to “Hump Day Happy Hour (Runner’s Edition) – Chocolate Banana Frosty

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  2. Even the Olympian athletes love chocolate milk to refuel after training. They say it’s the best amount of carbs and protein and hydration for recovery 🙂

  3. I definitely feel sooo weird when I run. I’m sure I look like the girl in the second picture. LOL.

    I’ve made the banana “ice cream” a few times and really enjoyed it. I also like to throw in some chocolate, and it’s not too bad! I’ve read that frozen mango is really good as a soft serve. That’s what I’ll be trying next!

    • And I love the Zombie race. What a great idea!!

    • Ooooo, you’ll have to write about the mango soft serve. I have a deep love affair with mangos.

      This really wasn’t all that different from the banana ice creams, just more milk to make it drinkable through a straw. Honestly, I would never consider eatting 2 bananas, but its takes 2 to fill a cup, which makes me gasp when I think of what goes in my regular milkshakes (not that that will stop me!)

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