Hump Day Happy Hour – Elderflower Fizz

I absolutely must start today’s happy hour by toasting the most amazing friends a woman can have. Here’s to Micah, who drove 75 miles south to so I could load up his pickup and then drove it back the 75 miles to DC! Here’s to Blair, who somehow convinced his lovely pregnant wife to let him escape for the day to help me move! To Ruth – who not only helped me move, but stuck around long enough to take me to Ikea, pick up my couch, and then help me put it together! To the world’s most amazing friends – HERE! HERE!

This past Saturday was my move day and it was a really long day. I was up at 7am and didn’t crawl back into bed (in a new state – well D.C. isn’t really a state) until just after midnight. And, like many a person settling into a new place, I needed to make an IKEA run before I’d even taken off my shoes. Luckily, Ruth was willing to stick around and let me use their HUGE truck (seriously, this is the first vehicle since I was 8 that I actually had to climb into) to bring my new couch home. I got doubly lucky when they stuck around to help me put it together. For the record – this means that Ruth and I drank wine and the boys  interpreted the Swedish stick figures. It was an equal distribution of work.

It’s a couch!

No its a bed!

While waiting in the checkout line at Ikea, I decided it was high time I buy a bottle of their Elderflower syrup. I’d first learned that Ikea had an elderflower syrup from the Kitchn, but I never managed to pick up a bottle. At first I had asked Ruth, who was standing in line with me, to grab a bottle. Of course, not surprising for Ikea, the label threw us off because it called it concentrate instead of syrup. A quick glance at the ingredients though revealed it was nothing more than a flavored simple syrup and I was ready to buy a bottle each for Ruth and I.

So, in honor of my new Ikea couch and my amazing friends, here is my first recipe with the elderflower syrup: The Elderflower Fizz.

Elderflower Fizz
1 cocktail

1 healthy shot of of Hendricks gin
1 teaspoon elderflower syrup, approximate
squeeze of ¼ of a large lemon (plus more as garnish)
club soda

Shake Hendricks, lemon juice, and elderflower syrup over ice until the sides of the shaker frost over. Strain into a highball glass with a few ice cubes. Top with club soda and a lemon garnish. Sip and unpack.

6 responses to “Hump Day Happy Hour – Elderflower Fizz

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  2. I.Love.You. I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for Elderflower Syrup.. and now I know where to find it, yay!! And what’s really serendipitous.. We went for dinner up at Sparkling Hill Resort here in Vernon and they served a very similar drink to yours.. but with a splash of Vermouth instead of the club soda, served kind of martini style. I was trying to source the syrup and to no avail. Doing a happy dance!! xx Smidge

  3. congrats on the move!!! this recipe also works well with any white wine (though a sav blanc is really best) or prosecco (just cut out the club). and of course, st. germaine when one has massive fears of ikea.

    • Thanks Elena! I do like the idea of subbing in prosecco for the soda water, although if I subbed in St. Germaine on top of that, I’d probably be knocked flat after one glass – and we know that’s saying alot for me. I’ll probably have to pick just one 😉

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