It just isn’t happening tonight….

I am taking a short break from trying to pound out 2 blog posts to say I’m sorry, I’m just not going to be able to get you anything decent today. I spent the whole weekend recovering from a cold and then started a new job on Monday, so things have been a bit hectic.

My Saturday consisted of 9 cups of tea, a 4 hour nap, and a call to my mommy asking if she would leave work and drive over 60 miles to make me a grilled cheese sandwich (unsurprisingly, she declined my request , but it never hurts to try). Lucky for me, a dear friend took pity on my grilled cheese-less sob story and brought me what may be the best grilled cheese of my life. Not because it was made with fancy cheese or special bread – but because it was delivered directly to my door and I didn’t have to worry that I looked like death warmed over. Really, is there anything better than comfort food delivered to your door when you feel like you’ve been infected with the black plague? No, the answer is no.

Ok, back to those posts – I don’t want to leave you high and dry next week too!

4 responses to “It just isn’t happening tonight….

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  2. What a good friend you have! Please get well, enjoy your break and get lots of rest!! xx Smidge

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