Mediterranean Cellars, a Cozy Spot on a Drizzly Day

What a dreary weekend it was! Drizzly, cold, blah! I had planned to put some folks to work this weekend, too. Seriously, my deck needs a major cleaning and I’d rather not do it on my own like I did last time lol. Suggesting a shopping spree probably would not have been well met either. Instead, we decided to get some errands out of the way. No sooner said than done, we found ourselves stuck on the beltway. Well, why not a winery since we were up here anyway?

Getting our selves out of the gridlock took awhile, but we finally found our way to the back roads to enjoy some fall foliage while we asked Siri to find us a winery nearby that we had not visited yet.  We have definitely been to a lot of them up this way! When the GPS spat out a list with Mediterranean Cellars, I remembered Emilie telling me about their Romance wine, so Mediterranean Cellars it was!

Even on a gloomy day with the fog meandering through the hills, it was a lovely spot.  From the large front patio you can enjoy lovely views of the vineyard, rolling hills,  and the  horse pastures neighboring the property. Though there was plenty seating inside the toasty warm tasting room, we  found ourselves a dry spot outside where the boys could enjoy their cigars with our glasses of wine. If the chimnea had been lit, it would have been absolutely perfect!

And now for the wines!

Vidal Blanc

Fermented in both stainless steel and oak, this crisp and lightly sweet wine has a very fruity nose with lots of Meyer lemon and just a hint of oak on the palate. I enjoyed a glass of this wine after our tasting.

Belleview Blanc

A white blend built around the Vidal grape, this version is sweeter than the Vidal Blanc. It has a very fruity and sweet bouquet with a hint of a sweet floral note, almost violet like. Lots of floral and woodsy flavors in this semi-sweet wine.


Mediterranean Cellars version of the traditional Greek wine, Retsina.  Following the ancient Greek tradition of when wine was shipped in porous clay pots, therefore requiring a layer of pine resin to prevent loss, Mediterranean Cellars lines the Recchina barrels with Greek and American pine resin.  The woodsy pine is very prevalent in both the nose and palate, but you’ll also notice some sweetness on the tongue.  For most, Recchina is a food wine. We tried it with some cheese, which helped balance out the pine and bring out the citrus flavors of the wine.

Matina’s Rosé

Like most traditional rosés, Matina’s Rosé is full of red berry fragrances and flavors.  You’ll also notice a nice earthiness and a fun “tingle” on the back of the tongue.


Aged in French oak for about a year, you’ll find some nice oak on the palate of this red and lots of cherry and other dark fruits.  I also noticed a hint of bell pepper which gave it a nice clean finish.


This wine can be served at room temperature or chilled.  Loved the very cherry notes on the nose and the palate and the spicy finish.

Cabernet Franc

This wine smells so lovely! Lots of dark fruit, like plums and raspberries, and a nice clean finish.  This was my favorite…until I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Very smooth red with a nice fruity bouquet and dark, dark jammy fruit flavors that burst in your mouth. This wine was great on its own to sip, but will stand up to delicious meat dishes, too!


A lovely, lightly sweet red, this wine has a gentle caress…just like you see in romantic movies! Despite the sweetness, it has nice clean notes and even a hint of effervescence that teases your tongue. And I am still trying to figure out the “backbone” grape in the blend. It tasted so darn familiar! Lol!

Sweet Romance

This dessert red smells and tastes like a port, but it’s not. Without the kick of added brandy, I’d describe this wine as port’s softer (romantic?) side with its delicate sweetness.  We tasted it with some chocolate, so delicious! Like chocolate covered cherries!

Sweet Lucia 2008

Pronounced with a hard c (not a soft, “ch” like c of the Italian pronunciation), this dessert white is predominately Vidal and has a lovely sweet and woodsy nose and a lovely nectar like palate of stone fruits,  fruit blossoms, and honey.

Sweet Lucia 2007

Tasting both vintages side by side allows you to really notice the differences between these two! This version is still sweet, but I found it less sweet than the 2008. Other noticeable differences include more prevalent oak and citrus flavors, and far fewer floral notes.


3 responses to “Mediterranean Cellars, a Cozy Spot on a Drizzly Day

  1. How wonderful for your day to take such a wonderful turn! I’m thinking it’s time to grab my own little cup of wine! No cigar for me, though, lol!

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