Christmas Tradition Makeovers

Maybe I should change that title to, “Christmas Tradition Makeovers, or What Happens When Family Throws You Holiday Curve Balls”! LOL! I guess there was a reason why my cookies didn’t turn out so great.  That was so I could share this with you.

A couple of days ago my parents and I were working out some Christmas dinner logistics such as where (my place) and when (2 PM).  Then we started discussing the cooking. “Yeah, I’m going to make lumpia,” Mom was saying… Wha?… “And pancit.”… Whoa, wait, we’re having… “Do you want George to make the ham?” “No, I’ll make the ham!” In all the years my family has had Christmas dinner together (every year of my life from what I remember lol), we have never had Filipino food on the holiday table. Easter sometimes and always at any big party, but never Christmas.

Now ham, or hamon (yes with an “h” and not a “j”) fits well on a Filipino Christmas table.  Probably a relic from the Spanish colonial heritage, Filipinos love their pork! Instead of my usual honey and thyme based glaze, I’m thinking a simple change of the thyme to ginger or curry powder will give it  that Asian twist.  Easy peasy, there…but green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes…how am I going to make those classic favorites work? Also, what other Filipino dishes can I make?

So you see, we’ve got an interesting Christmas spread in the making…and only 6 days to figure it out and buy the groceries before everything is gone! At least I know there will be a bottle (or two or three) of riesling like white on the table with all these Asian and salty flavors going on.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


7 responses to “Christmas Tradition Makeovers

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  5. I hope you will do a post about what you end up having. Enjoy the day!

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