Au Revoir 2012 – A Look Back

We’ve only got about a week left in 2012, and, since you are all reading this, we can safely say the Mayans were wrong and the world continued past 12/21/2012.


And it really is just as well, because I need 2013 to get here so I can enjoy it! 2012 flew by in a blur of big life changes, ___________, and ____________. Let’s take a look back at what 2012 meant to us here at Cork and Spoon.


We were pretty boring in January- recovering from the holidays and using up left over champagne from New Years Eve.


Ruth and I continued volunteering with Potomac Point Winery this year, starting off with the Virginia Wine Expo, host to the Virginia Governors Cup. We went in with a well designed battle plan and had another fabulous time chatting with wine makers and vineyard owners, and interacting with the crowds.


March was a busy, busy, busy month, especially for me. In the very first week of March, I turned 30th, took (and passed!) my Certified Information Privacy Professional exam, and Cork and Spoon posted its 100th post!

In addition to all of that, Ruth moved to a new job within the Marine Corp, and I got to spend a weekend with my newest nephew Logan.

Logan's first cooking lesson, 2


After the busyness of March, Ruth and I laid low in April. We did enjoy a night out in Old Town Alexandria belatedly celebrating my birthday at GRAPE + BEAN’s Taste like a Sommelier class. (Read about fellow blogger, Karen of Back Road Journal, and her Alexandria, VA experience here and here.)

Taking notes during our blind flight after class.



Ruth sipping coffee on the patio of her family’s timeshare in Spain.

May saw Ruth flying to Spain and spending a week soaking up the sun, culture, and food. She made sure to inspire us with a Spanish inspired Gin & Tonic and homemade aioli.



Ruth spent all of June at Patuxent River Air Station taking a class required for her job. While it certainly involved a lot of work and more than a little stress, she did get to spend part of her weekends exploring Maryland wineries – a nice change of pace for us here at Cork and Spoon.

Meanwhile, even though I was promoted in June to a Privacy Analyst position, I still extolled the virtues of finding great wine that doesn’t break the bank. Promotion or not, money should always be spent frugally so there is plenty left over for shoes!

The wines


Ruth and I both laid low during the month of July. There were weekends at the beach, and Independence day cookouts. And of course, like so many around the world, we were eagerly following the 2012 Summer Olympics while making our own version of Olympic athlete approved dinner.


August is Virginia Craft Beer month, and here at Cork and Spoon , we got into the spirit with home-brewed ale.

Brewing Beer Time to Enjoy

The first weekend of August, also saw me moving back to my beloved Washington, D.C. in a lovely apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Not only was I blessed by awesome friends to help me move, but a trip to Ikea for a couch gave me the excuse to finally buy elderflower syrup. The result was a tasty drink, perfect for sipping while unpacking.

Unpacking and an Elderflower Fizz


September was another laid back month for Ruth and I. I fought a nasty cold… like I said, it wasn’t a very exciting month 🙂


On October 1st, I started a new job with a privacy and information security focused government contracting company. Finding a new position in my still pretty new career was an amazing feeling, and definitely confirmed that things are working out well.


October, as you may recall, is all Virginia Wine month. Again this year, the amazing folks at VA Tourism invited Ruth and I to participate in one of the month’s many activities celebrating Virginia wine – the Virginia Crush Bus tour of Loudon County wineries. We eagerly accepted the invitation, although prior commitments kept me from attending, so Ruth went, making sure to send me envy invoking photos all day.

Meanwhile, I was in the wilds of Maryland, preparing for the zombie apocalypse by participating with friends in the Run for Your Lives 5k race. It was a tough race filled with obstacles such as swimming across a freezing cold pond and zombies bent on stealing the flags that kept me “alive.” The good news is, I crossed the finish line alive and kicking. Now I just need to practice my survivalist cooking techniques and I’ll be ready for my own version of The Walking Dead.

zombie race_Emilie Schulz


Logan's first Thanksgiving dinner

November marks the start of the holiday season here in the U.S. Its the start of holiday parties and plenty of quality time with family. And while Thanksgiving Day menus are remarkably similar from house to house, it doesn’t mean that Ruth and I play it safe. Nope we’re still experimenting, and just using our unsuspecting families as guinea pigs.


Between more holiday parties, holiday shopping, and Christmas dinner planning, December is always a busy month in its own right. Add to that a bend of creativity that has both of us making homemade Christmas gifts in our kitchens and Ruth and I are constantly moving during the month of December. But that didn’t stop us from heading out last night for a little bit of fun with one of our longtime favorite bands Carbon Leaf.


All in all, its been a crazy year for Ruth and I, and I don’t think we’d have it any other way. So here’s to what 2012 gave us and to what 2013 has in store. We couldn’t ask for better followers and friends to have along for the ride!


2 responses to “Au Revoir 2012 – A Look Back

  1. It is fun to look back at the year as it comes to an end. The two of you had a busy, fun filled and rewarding year as I see it. I hope 2013 will be good to you both and I look forward to following along. Thank you for the links…we had a great time in Alexandria. I just told friends to stop there on their drive down to Florida.

    • We are definitely looking forward to 2013, thank you, Karen! Just a few more days now. I hope your friends enjoy Alexandria. It’s beautiful this time of year with all the Holiday decorations out. 🙂

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