Hump Day Happy Hour – Campari Mint Sparkler

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I revisited my maple glazed Cornish game hens with my mom and step-dad, watched a little TV, and indulged in a delicious lemon cake (recipe coming soon!), before having to drive back to D.C.  and get ready for work today. The best news for you, though, is that I got a new camera for the holidays – nothing too fancy but certainly better than the nearly decade old camera I had been using for pictures since Cork and Spoon’s inception. Hurrah!!

And now, with the wrapping paper cleaned up and the Christmas dinner leftovers in the fridge, its time to look forward to the New Year. Whether you are going big or celebrating quietly at home with loved ones,  New Year’s Eve is the holiday of champagne, Prosecco, and even sparkling apple cider for the munchkins. While you can certainly enjoy your glass of bubbly by itself, there are dozens of effervescent cocktails that can make the evening just a tiny bit more special. Ruth and I have shared a few ideas in the past, such as:

Never one to rest on my laurels, I wanted to bring you one more cocktail recipe, courtesy of The Kitchn, a fabulous site I’ve mentioned before and am guaranteed to mention again. At the beginning of December they posted a 10-minute happy hour featuring a Campari spritzer. I’m always interested in Campari based drinks, since I have a bottle of it that I’ve used maybe twice in its entire existence. So I book-marked the page, planning to revisit it before the New Year. I followed the recipe to the letter using a semi-dry prosecco. The first taste was more bitter than I expected, but after a couple more sips, I found the drink refreshing, light, and enjoyable. Although next time, I think I might pick up a slightly sweeter champagne, especially if I’m serving others who might not enjoy the herbal flavors as much as I do. finished campari mint sparkler

Campari Mint Sparkler
Makes 1 drink

5 large mint leaves
1 ounce Campari
1 ounce cranberry juice
3 ounces Prosecco or champagne

1)     Fill a glass with several ice cubes and lightly bruised mint leaves.

bruise the mint leaves

2)    Add Campari and cranberry juice. Top with Prosecco or other sparkling wine. Using a spoon or stir stick, stir just once or twise to combine without disturbing the fizz too much.

making the campari mint sparkler

3)      Toast the New Year.


One response to “Hump Day Happy Hour – Campari Mint Sparkler

  1. Happy New Year, Emilie. An interesting cocktail but I’m not very fond of campari so I’ll just toast you with Champagne.

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