Putting a little Spring in your step

Happy first day of Spring!! While it is still a bit chilly outside (highs only in the low-50s today), I feel I can officially start thinking about what type of plants I want to grow this year. Growing up, my family always had really expansive gardens with dozens of tomato plants, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, melons, peppers, and a good variety of herbs.

Garden bounty

This came from spending a few minutes in my mom’s garden just last summer. I don’t think I’ll be able to get this lucky this year, but I will certainly try.

Since I live in an apartment in D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood instead of out in the country, my space is limited to containers and pots that I can keep neatly on the side of my apartment building. Being limited to container gardening means I have to be very careful about what I choose to grow. I want to avoid plants that produce very little for a short time or require a large amount of space – like melons and squashes. Other plants, that grow vertically – like tomatoes and peppers – are strong contenders for my garden this year. As are plants that thrive when harvested frequently, like lettuces and spinach. The added bonus with lettuces and spinach is that they do not require a deep container, and so I can select a wide container that’s lower to the ground, like this one, to ensure I get plenty of lettuce for salads. Finally, my mini garden this year will contain plenty of herbs, because nothing makes as big an impact with so little as the right herbs.

Right now, my planned garden will include:

2 tomato plants
2 types of peppers
3-4 types of lettuce and spinach
sweet basil
Thai basil

Are you planning a garden this year? If so what kind- are you lucky enough to have tons of space or are you looking at container gardens like I am? What are you planning to grow and why?

One response to “Putting a little Spring in your step

  1. Good luck with you growing season this year. I’m starting my tomato and basil seeds tomorrow but with so much snow on the ground, it is hard to imagine that it is springtime.

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