I’m Still Here…Sort Of…But I’m Definitely Trying!

And I definitely owe you an explanation!

My friends, I am going nuts. That is why you have not heard from me in weeks. I have no excuses like a zombie apocalypse to explain my Cork and Spoon absence. Instead, I have the GRE (actually started out with the GMAT) and my quest to enroll in an MBA program. My goodness is it making a mess out of my life…and I am not even in a program yet! Yes, since January I have quite frequently made myself physically and mentally sick over this MBA enrollment thing.

It’s not just the normal stress you would expect with this situation. I have a HUGE resentment towards the whole idea of doing an MBA. First, there is a reason I did not do my undergrad in Business. I have absolutely no interest in it! Unfortunately, the career path I ended up on is one where an MBA is a “silent discriminator”. Second, I am missing a really, really, really BIG BIG BIG career opportunity that is not very likely to come my way ever again…one that I have been keeping an eye out for almost four years now. When my Mentor called me up and asked if I was interested, the two of us were absolutely giddy…until I told her I was planning on starting my MBA…then her face fell. “Get your MBA out of the way now,” plus direction to get it done in two years max. Eeep! Third, I have no time to do anything but study for the GRE and get my brain around the various admissions checklists, let alone do things I need to do or things I enjoy doing like writing posts for Cork and Spoon and interacting with you all through this blog and visiting you at your own blogs. How can I write a post about food when I will not even admit how many times I have had ramen for dinner (or cheetos or nothing) over the past three months?

However, I have not abandoned our Cork and Spoons followers, even though it appears that I have. Over the past three months, I have not stopped thinking about posts that I want to (eventually) share with you. There is a conceptual three part Gluten Free series inspired from a conversation I had with a co-worker whose five year old is allergic to gluten (among other things!). She was so excited when I showed her how to make a gluten free flour base to make pizza crust and cupcakes for her daughter. For Saint Patrick’s Day, I had started on a whiskey cocktail recipe that turned into more on how I go about creating my cocktails.  I also have an idea for a Cherry Blossom Martini in honor of DC’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival and an ode to my childhood spent in Okinawa, Japan.  Of course, most of the past three months covered the Lenten season so I have a few meat free dishes I whipped up in between ramen runs. Then there is the charcuterie class Emilie and I took at Lavagna. Oh, and my sister’s baby shower is this weekend and I am on shared cupcake duty with her BFF! My job is to make the “exotic” cupcakes since non-traditional flavors are my specialty. I was on caterer duty until my mom got fed up with my “schedule”…

Dear god, how is it going to be once I’m actually in an MBA program???

4 responses to “I’m Still Here…Sort Of…But I’m Definitely Trying!

  1. Of course we miss you lots but life comes first. Hang in there…it will get better. 🙂

  2. Oh, getting into grad school is the hard part, once you’re in you’ll be fine 🙂

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