Grilling Fruit for a Fun Summer Twist

Grilled Apples on SaladI have just enough time to share a quick post with you before delving back into my Manhattan Prep “5lb Book of GRE Problems” (Seriously, it’s five pounds.) Now, this isn’t really a recipe. It’s more of an idea for you all to keep in mind the next time you feel like firing up your grill.  If you haven’t already, I’m sure you will soon once the warm weather hits your hometown like it has here in Virginia.

So last Sunday was my first grilling day of the season.  With lighting coals not being one of my stronger skills (like all the math problems I keep missing!), I prepared a LOT to grill so as not to waste any of that precious fire. I had a nice slab of sirloin steak, a couple of chicken breasts, and some salmon fillets. That would ensure a few homemade meals for the upcoming week. But what else? I’d definitely still have some prime grilling time after these bad boys were done.

Then my eyes strayed across the island top to a blushing pink lady apple I hadn’t Grilling Applesgotten around to snacking on.  Ooohh! I love grilled pineapple. How would other fruits like this apple do on the grill?? Taking my paring knife, I sliced up three apples into [not so pretty] rounds. This was going to be fun! Baked apples, apple pie…all delicious way to cook apples. I was excited about the thought of adding the smokey flavor of grilling.

I was not disappointed!  The apples came out with just a little bit of crunch left Grilled Apples Ready(This disappears if you let them sit awhile since the fruit keeps cooking after you remove it from the heat). They tasted like apple pie…but with smoke. Score! I had this batch over baby greens with pecans and goat cheese tossed in a honey balsamic vinaigrette, but I can think of many other ways to enjoy grilled apples.  How about with vanilla ice cream?  Or topped with graham cracker crumbs and caramel sauce? Maybe as a side for some grilled pork chops?

I can’t wait to try more fruits.  Soon plums, apricots, peaches, and other yummy things will be in season.  Yup,  I am definitely keeping grilled fruit on the menu this summer.

Grilled Apples on Salad 2




2 responses to “Grilling Fruit for a Fun Summer Twist

  1. I am so grill happy when it comes to vegetables. I never really thought to put fruit on the grill. Looks like a great idea for a salad. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

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