Freebies for your Kitchen

The other day I was wasting time on Pintrest when I came across a handy printable Chobani Greek yogurt conversion chart.  I have been using plain Greek yogurt in place of mayo in chicken and tuna salads for some time now, but other conversion suggestions surprised me. Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil when baking? I would never have contemplated that. * Seeing this reminded me of some other cool conversion charts and kitchen helpers that I recently found around the web and though I would share with you.

Martha Stewart’s Cooks Helper Tables

Available as a PDF from Martha Stewart’s website, this single sheet document includes three easy reference tables: candy making temperatures, baking pan substitution chart (shown below), and a measurement equivalent chart. I printed the charts on a single sheet of cardstock I had on hand, cute them out and then used self adhesive laminate sheets to protect them while they are stored in my kitchen drawer.  I find the baking pan substitution chart particularly helpful.

Martha Stewart’s Freezer Labels

These are a God send, enough said. Print a few copies on to full sheet adhesive paper (I like post-it’s removable adhesive labels the best) and cut them as needed. I am a huge fan of making big pots of soup or preparing cookie dough and freezing it, but sometimes I have trouble identifying my minestrone soup from my beef and barley or my oatmeal raisin cookies from my chocolate chip. While I haven’t used these labels yet, I have them printed and ready for that first pot of turkey chili.

TipNut’s Substitution Chart

I often find myself starting a recipe, turning to the pantry and realizing I don’t have __________. While there are many great websites that offer information on when and how to substitute ingredients, I hesitate to use my computer while my hands are covered in flour. So I was ecstatic a year or so ago when I found TipNut’s printable substitution chart. I’ve printed 3 or 4 copies, printed back and front,  since first finding the chart, but it’s far better than going through 3 or 4 flour covered computers.

Do you have a favorite kitchen clipart or chart that you keep in your kitchen? Where did you find it and what do you use it for?

*Now rest assured, I will not be taking this on blind faith, stay tuned as I plan on putting this substitution to the test in the near future.

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